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Great Example of a foster/Adoptive Mom’s prayer

Lets be real – sometimes knowing what to say in a prayer is HARD. God knows my heart, but still wants to hear me vocalize it! Since Mr C came into our home, I have prayed over him every night. However, sometimes feel that there is more to be said but my distracted mind cant go there. Can I get an AMEN on that one?

I read this blog post by another foster mamma of a trauma kiddo and thought it was a GREAT example… and if it is helpful for me, maybe it will be helpful for you too!

A Trauma Mama’s Prayer

Foster Care Reality – Babies who don’t cry

Sometimes really “easy” babies who don’t cry are easy for heartbreaking reasons.

Our new placement is the first time we have fostered a kiddo that has not come to us straight from the hospital. This one has a heartbreaking story and we are learning so much about trauma kiddos. After 4 years of training on the topic, I feel we are able to identify causes for a lot of behaviors, but that does not mean we can solve them.

There have been studies done about kiddos from “old school” orphanages. They frequently bring up these studies in foster Care training when discussing neglect. “Infants who don’t cry when they wake because they learn there is no point in crying because no one will come.” I am not saying this was my kiddos situation, but the lack of crying seems to fit.

I have found myself in more prayer over this current placement in the last 3 days then the others. So glad to have a God who understands his needs and humbled that he believes S and I can be/provide what this kiddos needs.

A God Moment/Conversation: Sun Rises, Valleys, Pumpkin Pie, and the Israelites.


I had an interesting “God Moment/Conversation” this morning that I wanted to share.

I have been coming into work VERY early to get some extra uninterrupted time to work on large projects. People who know me well, know that it usually takes around an hour after I wake up before I am “pleasant”. So this is not necessarily a time that I am eager to put in.

I’ve said in the past that one of the few good things about coming into work so early in the morning is seeing the beautiful sunrises that God paints in the sky. Seeing the splendor and majesty of a sunrise or sunset has always made me feel God’s presence.

This morning, it was too cloudy to see the sunrise. God quickly reminded me that, although I do not see the majestic sunrise, it is still there.

I quickly realized that this parallels other times in life where we are on the spiritual “mountain top” and see God working in every area of our life. It is GREAT! We feel alive and faith is “Easy” – these are the sunrise kind of days. And then there are seasons in life and our faith walk where we are in the “valley”. We are struggling and we don’t easily see God working – these are the cloudy days.

God is not any less real in our valley seasons. He is still there, still working and showing his splendor, but we don’t always see it or feel it. These are the seasons where faith is not easy. But you know, if we saw the beautiful sun rises every morning, they would lose some of their splendor. We would grow accustomed to them always being there and we would not appreciate them. The same is true for our mountain and valley seasons. If we spent our whole lives living on the mountain and never having hard times, we may lose appreciation for what God does for us and around us.

Another parallel: I LOVE pumpkin pie. If I ate it every day, it would no longer be a special treat that I look forward to. MMM, pumpkin pie…. OK, back to topic:

This morning’s conversation with God highlighted something Hubby and I were just talking about last night. The Israelites spent 40 years in the desert. (Exodus). God performed miracles daily. Providing manna for food (Exodus 16:35) and leading them with a pillar of fire by night and cloud by day. (Exodus 13:21). I have often wondered how they could doubt God’s promises and existence when they saw and lived off his miracles daily.

Maybe it had something to do with the miracles becoming “routine” and losing their majesty in the eyes of the Israelites. God was not any less involved. God did not waver. But the human’s perception and understanding of God changed. They started expecting these things and stopped seeing them as the special gift that they were.

<pLord, I pray that I will always appreciate the sunrise days and that you help me to be more aware of and appreciate your work around me.  Let it never become “routine”. 

(Blog post originally posed as a FB note)